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    Coca tea (Coca leaf tea)

    Coca leaf tea also known by its Spanish name of mate de coca, is a fragrant, mildly stimulating beverage with a distinct herbal flavor and a millennia-long history. Whether you are a fine connoisseur of natural energy drinks or a fearless explorer of the herbal tea universe, we are positive that you will find your first sip of this fabulous drink an experience more than worth the trouble of buying coca tea online.

    But first things first. Our mate de coca tea comes directly from Peruvian and Bolivian growers, who employ only organic, eco-friendly methods in every aspect of production, from choosing the right natural spot in the South American highlands to harvesting, drying, and packing the coca leaf tea. And since we believe that our customers deserve the best quality of the product, our shop stores only the bare minimum of it in the warehouse, guaranteeing quick turnaround and the freshest possible tea delivered to your door.

    One other point of note. It is true that coca leaf contains certain alkaloids used to manufacture cocaine. However, the natural content of these substances in the leaf – and, consequently, in the beverage – is much lower, and a cup of our tea may well be compared in that regard to a cup of coffee or strong black tea.

    Finding mate de coca for healthful consumption may be difficult in some countries. Even buying coca tea online might sound problematic, for that matter. Fortunately, our shop can readily solve this problem for you. As soon as you place your order for a desired quantity of this totally natural, organic herbal tea, we will take care of the rest, including international shipping, customs regulations in your country, and delivery to your desired address.

    Mate de coca is known for a number of scientifically proven health benefits. The indigenous folk of South America have been using it since time immemorial to relieve the symptoms of indigestion, combat altitude sickness, boost the immune system, and pick up some extra energy when exhausted.

    Last but not least, coca leaf tea is an excellent all-natural alternative to weight-loss drugs. On one hand, it has been scientifically proven to suppress appetite. On the other, high content of vitamins in this beverage fosters higher metabolism. As a result, regular consumption of coca tea helps reduce food cravings while also aiding the calorie-burning process.