How to consume coca tea?

coca tea

METHOD 1: Chewing Coca Leaf Powder For Weight Loss And Energy

Coca tea or Mate de Coca is made from the Coca Erythroxylum plant. The leaves are gathered, dried, and finely ground into a powder. 

  • Start by placing two teaspoons (10 grams) of coca tea powder into a vessel or small bowl.
  • Add a few pinches or 100 milligrams of Sodium Bicarbonate to the coca powder and mix. 
  • Use a spoon to place the coca powder in your mouth. Between cheek and lower gum or under your tongue is best. (careful not to breathe in the fine powder).
  • Do not swallow. Let your saliva slowly build up in your mouth until it is a moist wad.
  • Within 5-10 minutes your tongue and gums will feel slightly numb. 
  • Continue sucking and gently squeezing the coca powder wad in your mouth for 30 minutes, you can swallow or spit as it dissolves. 

After 10-15 minutes of sucking the moist powder, you will feel increased energy, libido, and crystal clear mental focus. In about 30 minutes the coca will slowly dissolve in your mouth, at this time you may swallow if you wish or spit the excess liquid. (It’s very beneficial and preferred to swallow for greater health). Coca’s energizing effects last between to 2-3 hours. To produce more energy and suppress appetite for weight-loss, you can re-dose after 30 minutes. The coca will build in your system the more you consume making it stronger and producing more synergizing energy. You can keep chewing coca powder for weight loss and energy throughout the day, make sure not overindulge and stop well before sleep. Coca powder is a great tool for losing weight because it suppresses appetite while giving you the energy boots needed to get through the day. Remember to stay hydrated and don’t overconsume, Ideally, you should not take more than 50 grams a day. 

METHOD 2: Drinking Coca Tea For Weight Loss And Energy

In our experience, the best coca tea can be made with the AeroPress. Here is what you need:

  • AeroPress coffee maker.
  • 2 paper filters for AeroPress.
  • 3 heaping teaspoons of coca tea powder.
  • 300 ml (one cup) of hot, but NEVER boiling water. Use spring or reverse osmosis water. (not tap water)
  • 2 Mugs, one big mug or glass jar for pressing, one for serving tea.
  • 1/4 of a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate for better alkaloid extraction. Don’t use more than half a teaspoon of baking soda or it may taste too salty. 

How to make AeroPress coca tea for weight loss and energy:

  • Assemble the AeroPress.
  • Put coca tea powder and baking soda into the tube.
  • Fill the tube with hot but NOT hot boiling water.
  • Stir the tea for 20 seconds and let it steep for 5 minutes.
  • Wet the rubber plunger before pressing coca tea (makes it easier to press).
  • Press your tea.

The Result:

A dark, rich caramel-colored and concentrated coca tea.

The AeroPress coca tea tastes good on its own but you can add stevia and mint leaves with some lime or lemon. The AeroPress coca tea can be compared to a fine shot of espresso, it’s better to drink it slowly with small sips. Take a big sip and hold it in your mouth for a few moments. You may feel a slightly numb sensation followed by an increase in energy.

Freshly brewed coca tea is ideal for dieting and weight loss.

It suppresses hunger and appetite, relieves mild depression, and boosts energy levels to help you get through the day feeling great. Coca tea does not cause insomnia or jitters, unlike coffee or caffeine energy drinks. The concentrated coca tea shot can last for up to 60-90 minutes. You can continue to re-dose throughout the day if needed, remember to stop 3 to 4 hours before sleep.  

METHOD 3: Full-spectrum alcohol extract:

Take 50-100 grams of coca leaf powder, strong alcohol (Everclear or 100 proof) Moisten the powder with alcohol; pack in a conical percolator. Add more alcohol and continue the percolation until the powder is exhausted. Evaporate the resulting percolate, employing a water bath at a temperature not exceeding 140 Ferenhite. Continue until the consistency is ideal for forming pills. It should be a green color and waxy. Dose five to fifteen grains in the form of pills. ( this extraction may suit someone with a better understanding of chemistry)  

METHOD 4: Strong Coca Tea:

If you want to experience a strong coca experience we will show you how in a step-by-step guide below. Continue reading for results. 

1.) 10-15 grams of coca powder or 10-15 regular tea bags.

2.) 1/3 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate.

3.) 3 cups of spring water and a homemade teabag using a coffee filter stapled shut, or regular coca tea bags

4.) Heat the water in a medium pot, hot but not boiling. 

5.) Place coca tea bags in the water with a lid on the pot, let it simmer for one hour. 

After 1 hour the tea is complete. Let the concentrated tea cool down for about 10 minutes. Now its times to add the baking soda, this should slightly alter the taste of the tea. If the tea is too salty you can adjust the taste by adding mint, honey, or lemon. As you sip the tea you begin to feel the familiar numbing sensation, but this time it may be slightly stronger. This method of brewing the tea produces a warm and tingly feeling within. It supplies powerful and clean energy, that makes you feel content and happy within. Coca helps creates an inner glow and is usually accompanied by a slight euphoric feeling. This method compares well with the AeroPress tea. 

Please share your favorite coca tea recipes and experiences in the comments section under reviews. 

METHOD 5: Strong Coca Chewing Method:

1.) Place 15-20 grams of coca powder in a small bowl or cup. 

2.) Add a pinch of baking soda and stir. 

3.) Slowly pour a small amount of warm water and stir, carefully adding more water so you end up with a paste. (not too wet or dry, somewhere in between. 

4.) Take a teaspoon of the coca paste and place it under your tongue or on the lower side of your mouth.

5.) Hold the mixture in your mouth for as long as you can without letting it dissolve. Over time it will begin to dissolve and you can swallow the liquid or spit as described in the previous passage above. 

Try 3 or 4 teaspoons of coca paste over 3-4 hours. This is the strongest way to consume coca powder and its sure to provide you with lots of joyful energy. The more you do this consecutively, the stronger the energy will be. I prefer to swallow the mixture after 30 minutes. It’s likey that your mouth will become dry over time, it’s important to hydrate with water in between rounds. It’s very important not to consume too much sodium bicarbonate because it can irritate your oral mucosa in the mouth.  

Don’t Chew Before Bed:

Be aware that this method of chewing coca powder will keep you awake at night. You may be very restless in bed, increased heart rate, and tossing and turning for 1-2 hours before falling asleep. 

The following day you shouldn’t have any coca cravings or hangover. You may feel tired if you did not get enough sleep. With coca paste chewing it’s easy to feel when you’ve had enough, your body will let you know when its time to stop. I tend to enjoy this strong coca tea chewing method when I need to do intense physical labor, backpacking trips, intense mental concentration, or work. Stop using coca 3-5 hours before sleep followed by a good meal. You will have amazing sleep and some people say coca enhances dreams. To good health and happiness.

Always use coca responsibly and with respect. Coca is an amazing plant that provides health, vitality, and upliftment.

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