How do you feel after consuming coca leaves powder?

This product gives you energy and a positive mood. In addition, taking it as a regular supplement will help you get rid of fatigue and feeling hungry. Note that this is the result of tricking your brain’s hunger center – it will enable you to have a meal only when you decide, so you must have a well-designed, healthy diet or risk malnutrition. The coca tea itself is not harmful, however; on the contrary, it improves stamina and has many other beneficial effects.

To consume coca leaves, put them between your gum and cheek and hold for an hour. Eventually cocaine alkaloids will seep out and get into your system through the mucous lining of your mouth and stomach. For best results, add a small quantity of a weak alkaline, or base, substance such as baking soda.

When in a few minutes you feel the area inside your mouth becoming numb, it means the coca alkaloids started entering your bloodstream through the mucous lining of the inside of your cheek; some of the resulting juice gets absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. The maximum effect of coca leaf chewing is achieved within about sixty minutes. After that, the numbness in your mouth fades, meaning that the alkaloids contained in the leaves have fully leaked out.

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